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Guide to Ancient Greek Coins of Sicily Examples on VIDEO

Ancient Coins of Sicily Explained in Video & Article

Learn about the rare Sicilian ancient Greek coins and the cities that struck them

A list of all the ancient Greek cities in Sicily which minted coins with examples of them. The ancient Greek Island of Sicily has a variety of history and amazing coins to explore. Some of the cities had some of the rarest coins possible. The best standard reference work on the subject of these coins is Handbook of Coins of Sicily by Oliver D. Hoover. I cite coins from this book quite often, as HGC 2, (and the coin number). It is full of history and a variety of types not usually seen anywhere. I highly recommend it. Over the years I have had a collection of thousands of ancient Greek and Roman coins that is over 13,000 items now. This inventory includes some very rare coins from many cities of Sicily. Some common problems with rare ancient coins in general are:
  • People don't know exactly what to search for.
  • There are limited amounts of ancient coins available.
  • There is not a lot of information that can help a beginner collect this series.
  • There is usually not one source that has many of the rare types available.
This article is to provide people with solutions to this issue. My name is Ilya Zlobin, and I am an expert, enthusiast, author and dealer in ancient Greek Roman Byzantine and even world coins and medals. The reason for this article is that I believe an educated customer is the best customer, as only someone that knows about a specific subject can appreciate the value and beauty of it. I have many articles and videos on many subjects, teaching about different ancient coins. It took me years of experience to have the inventory I have available for you to explore. When you deal with me, you are leveraging my vast experience of working with over 53,000 items over the years. This article is full of links to the specific coins and cities and the coins shown here are ones available in my eBay store at the time of the writing of this article. You can use the links to search my store for the specific items, of which I have many. Some links may or may not yield results, but may in the future. So in other words you can use this list  in order to put together a collection, or check back at later dates for certain cities. You city names are quite hard sometimes to spell so it is another way it is really helpful. Click here to see all coins of ancient Sicily I have available. A List of the Cities that Issued Coins in Ancient Sicily This list of ancient Sicilian cities is comprehensive, including some of the super rare mints which are usually not seen. If you decide to put together a collection, you can click on each of the cities below of your interest and search my eBay store with over 14,000 items for those specific coins. You can also use the list below for your own searches. or Explore all coins of Sicily
AITNA in SICILY after 210BC Ancient Greek City Coin Apollo Warrior i37922 Rare Greek city of Aitna in Sicily Bronze 18mm (3.38 grams) after 210 B.C. Reference: Sear 1018 var. (three dot in field to left and head left); Calciati III, S. 148, Em. 8 Radiate bust of Apollo right, wearing chlamys. AITNAIΩN, Warrior standing facing, head right, holding spear and shield; three pellets in field to left. The Syracusan colonists expelled from Katane in 461 B.C. founded a new settlement about ten miles to the north-west, ad to this place they transferred the name of Aitna which they had previously bestowed upon Katane.  AKRAGAS in SICILY 420BC Hemidrachm Crab Hare Eagle Ketos Fish Silver Coin i40761 Greek city of Akragas in Sicily Silver Hemidrachm 15mm (1.84 grams) Struck circa 420-406 B.C. Reference: HGC 2, 105; SNG ANS 1010–3 Eagle standing right on hare; barley grain to left. Crab; below, ketos left with fish in its mouth.
SICILY city AKRAI 210BC Underworld queen Demeter Cult Ancient Greek Coin i28403
Greek city of Akrai in Sicily Bronze 22mm (9.01 grams) After 210 B.C. Reference: Sear 1014; Calciati III pg. 37, 1; SNG ANS 902ff Wreathed head of Persephone right. AKPAIΩN, Demeter standing left, holding torch and sceptre.
ALONTION in SICILY 400BC Hercules Club Quiver Ancient Greek Coin i41711
Greek city of Alontion in Sicily Bronze 15mm (2.63 grams) Struck circa 400 B.C. Reference: CNS 6; SNG ANS 1193 Bearded head of Hercules right. ΑΛΟΝΤΙNON, Club and quiver.
Athl / Atl / AΘA Mint in SICILY Rare 340BC Athena Rare Ancient Greek Coin i47252
 Greek city or town Athl / Atl / AΘA Mint in Northwestern Sicily Bronze 30mm (26.95 grams) Struck circa 340-330 B.C. Reference HGC 2, 232; CNS III, p. 287, no. 1 AΘA, Head of Athena in Attic helmet right. Female figure enthroned right, holding palm branch or scepter and grounded bow; all within incuse circle. * Numismatic Note: This mint's name has been previously misread as AΘΛ (Athl), in light of modern numismatic scholarship, AΘA is actually a Doric abbreviation for Athena. So therefore, the name of this mint is unknown. What is known is that the larger bronzes were re-struck on Syracusan issues from the period of 375-345 B.C.
ERYX Sicily 400BC Female & Crab Rare Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i28255
Greek city of Eryx in Sicily Bronze 11mm (1.56 grams) Struck circa 400-330 B.C. Reference: Calciati I pg. 288, 28 var.; Gabrici pg. 131, 46-48 Female head right. Crab.
Gela in Sicily 339BC Rare Ancient Greek Coin Demeter River god Gelas i41739
Greek city of Gela in Sicily Bronze 15mm (2.90 grams) Struck circa 339-310 B.C. Reference: Sear 1099; Jenkins 549; B.M.C. 2.77-8 ΓΕΛΩΙΩΝ, Head of Demeter three-quarter face to right, wreathed with corn. Bearded head of river-god Gelas left, horned, and wreathed with horn.
HIMERA Greek city in SICILY 420BC Hemilitron Large Ancient Coin Gorgon i37118
Greek city of Himera in Sicily Bronze Hemilitron 24mm (15.98 grams) Struck circa 450-420 B.C. Reference: Sear 1105; B.M.C. 2.,p.39,27-30 Gorgon's head facing. Six pellets. * Numismatic Note: Fantastic coin in the most fantastic condition you can find, especially such a rarity!
Hybla Megala in Sicily 210BC Hyblaia Modius Dionysus Panther Greek Coin i38058
Greek City of Hybla Megala in Sicily Bronze 19mm (7.30 grams) After 210 B.C. Reference: Sear 1115; Calciati III pg. 41, 1; SNG ANS 195ff Veiled head of Hyblaia right, wearing modius; behind, bee. ΥΒΛΑΣ ΜΕΓΑΛΑΣ, Dionysus standing left, holding kantharos and scepter, panther leaping up at feet.
Iaitia in Sicily 241BC Zeus Hercules Authentic Ancient Greek Coin RARE i38057
Greek City of Iaitia in Sicily Bronze 17mm (2.26 grams) After 241 B.C. Reference: BMC - . SNG Cop. 333 var. SNG ANS - . SNG München - . Calciati I, S. 384, 6 Laureate head of Zeus left. IAITOY, Hercules
Alaisa "Kainon" in Sicily 360BC Rare Ancient Greek Coin Griffin Horse i43976
Greek city of Alaisa " Kainon" in Sicily Bronze 23mm (8.72 grams) Struck 360-340 B.C. Reference: Calciati I pg. 252, 10; SNG ANS 1175ff Griffin running left; grasshopper below. Horse prancing left, reins loose; star above, KAINON in exergue.
Kamarina in Sicily 413BC Authentic Ancient Greek Coin OWL Athena i46586
Greek city of Kamarina in Sicily Bronze Trias 15mm (3.36 grams) Struck 413-405 B.C. Reference: Sear 1063; B.M.C. 2.40 Head of Athena left, in crested helmet ornamented with wing. KAMA - Owl standing left, head facing, holding lizard in right claw; in exergue, three pellets.
Katane in Sicily 413BC Ancient Greek Coin River god Winged thunderbolt i37312
Greek city of Katane in Sicily Bronze 12mm (1.93 grams) Struck 413-404 B.C. Reference: Sear 1067; Gabrici (La monetazione del bronzo nella Sicilia antica), pl. 2,7 AMENANOΣ, Horned head of young river-god Amenanos left. Winged thunderbolt dividing small K - A.
Kentoripai (Centuripae) in Sicily 211BC Ancient Greek Coin Demeter Plough i41811
Greek city of Kentoripai (Centuripae) in Sicily Bronze Hexas 17mm (3.95 grams) Struck 211-200 B.C. Reference: Sear 1084; B.M.C. 2.15; SNG Lloyd 928; Calciati 7; Campana 5 Bust of Demeter right, wreathed with corn; behind, tripod. KENTOPIПINΩN, Plough right, bird right on the share; two pellets in field to left.
Kephaloidion in Sicily 344BC Ancient Greek Coin Pegasus winged horse i36972
Greek city of Kephaloidion in Sicily Bronze 13mm (2.26 grams) Struck 344-336 B.C. Reference: Calciati pg. 371, 3; SNG ANS -. Head of Hercules right, wearing lion's skin headdress. Pegasus flying right.
LEONTINOI in SICILY 475BC Lion Corn grain Ancient Silver Greek Coin i18500
Greek city of Leontinoi in Sicily Silver Obol 12mm (0.49 grams) Struck 475-466 B.C. Reference: Sear 828; B.M.C. 2.19 Lion's head facing. ΛEON - Corn-grain.
MENAINON in SICILY 2ndCenBC Hercules Club QUADRANS Ancient Greek Coin i46600
Greek city of Menainon in Sicily Bronze Quadrans 17mm (2.64 grams) Struck late 2nd Century B.C. Reference: HGC 2, 763; CNS III, pp. 188-189, nos. 12-12/6 Bearded head of Hercules right. MENAINΩN, club; mark of value, three pellets below.
MESSANA in SICILY 480BC Tetradrachm Rare Silver Greek Coin Hare Chariot i40765
Greek city of Messana in Sicily Silver Tetradrachm 26mm (17.38 grams) Struck circa 480-461 B.C. Reference: SNG München 363 var.; Caccamo Caltabiani 218, 97 var.; Randazzo 59, 162 var. Charioteer driving biga of mules right; leaf in exergue. ΜΕSSΕ-N-ΙΟ-N, Hare springing right.
Messana in Sicily under Mamertini 220BC Greek Coin Ares Cult Dioskouros i46604
Greek city of  Messana in Sicily under the name of Mamertini "Sons of Mars" Bronze Pentonkion 27mm (10.14 grams) Struck circa 220-200 Reference: Sear 1143; B.M.C. 2. 32 Laureate head of  Ares left. MAMEPTINΩN - Horseman (Dioskouros) standing left, holding spear and touching the head of his horse standing left behind him; Π in field to left.
NAXOS in SICILY 461BC Silver Hexonkian Dionysus Kantharos Greek Coin i38811
Greek city of Naxos in Sicily Silver Hexonkion – Hemilitron 8mm (0.18 grams) Struck circa 461-430 B.C. Reference: Cahn 97 var. (V64/R– [unlisted rev. die]); Campana 12; Rizzo –; SNG ANS (Part 5) 1360 (same obv. die); SNG Lloyd –; SNG München –; Weber 618 Head of Dionysus right, wearing ivy wreath. Kantharos; six pellets around (mark of value). Very rare.
PANORMOS in SICILY 3rdCenBC Athena Persephone R1 Ancient Greek Coin i43658
Greek city of Panormos in Sicily Bronze 23mm (9.99 grams) Struck late third-early second centuries B.C. Reference: HGC 2, 1065 (R1); CNS I, pp. 331-332, nos. 12-12/6 ΠΑΝΟΡ/ΜΙΤΑΝ, Head of Athena in Corinthian helmet right. Head of Persephone left, werated with grain.
PETRA in SICILY 340BC Zeus Aphrodite RARE Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i47250
Greek city of Petra in Sicily Bronze 32mm (34.09 grams) struck circa 340-330 B.C. Reference: HGC 2, 1097 (R2); CNS III, p.317, no. 1 ΠΕΤΡΙΝΩΝ, Head of bearded Zeus right. Aphrodite enthroned right, holding dove. Not much is known about the settlement, although it could be believed it was fortified as it's name translates to "the Rock". Numismatic evidence locates the city to have been located in the area of northwestern Sicily, and that it was founded before circa 350 B.C. The city gave itself over to Roman control in 254 B.C. during the First Punic War. The community survived until the second century A.D.
SEGESTA in SICILY 410BC Hound Dog Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i43985
Greek city of Segesta in Sicily Bronze Triantes 19mm (7.95 grams) Struck 410-400 B.C. Reference: HGC 2, 1181 Head of Aigiste right, wearing sphendone. Hound standing right, four round punched value marks around.
Solus in Sicily 2ndCenBC Dolphin Tuna Fish Authentic Ancient Greek Coin i43653
Greek city of Solus in Sicily Bronze 12mm (2.17 grams) Struck late second-early first centuries B.C. Reference: HGC 2, 1269 (R3); CNS I, p. 312, no. 17 COΛΟΝ/ΤΙΝWΝ, dolphin leaping right. Tuna swimming right.
Syracuse in Sicily 344BC Timoleon Ancient Greek Coin Athena Dolphins i46625
Greek city of Syracuse in Sicily Time of Timoleon Bronze Litra 30mm (31.71 grams) Struck 344-336 B.C. Reference:  Sear 1189; B.M.C. 2. 287 ΣΥΡΑ, Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet bound with olive-wreath. Starfish between two dolphins.
Syracuse in Sicily AGATHOKLES 317BC Persephone Bull Dolphins Greek Coin i46589
Greek city of Syracuse in Sicily Agathokles ( Agathocles)- Tyrant of Syracuse 317-289, King of Sicily 304-289 B.C. Bronze 23mm (9.04 grams) Struck circa 317-310 B.C. Reference: HGC 2, 1444 ΣYPAKOΣIΩN, Head of Persephone left, wreathed with grain; symbol behind. Bull charging left; dolphin above and below; NK monogram above.
Syracuse Sicily 270BC King Hieron II Ancient Greek Coin Poseidon Trident i39151
Greek city of Syracuse in Sicily Bronze 20mm (7.13 grams) under king Hieron II, 270-215 B.C. Reference: Sear 1223; B.M.C. 2. 603 Head of Poseidon left, wearing tainia. Ornamented trident-head, between two dolphins, dividing IEPΩ - NOΣ.
Hieronymus Tyrant of Syracuse Sicily & Ally of Hannibal Greek Coin i36807 Rare
Greek city of Syracuse in Sicily under Hieronymus - King: 215-214 B.C. Bronze 22mm (8.97 grams) Struck circa 215-214 B.C. Reference: Sear 1224 var.; Calciati 204 R 13. R.R.; Holloway, The Thirteen Months Coinage of Hieronymus of Syracuse, 76a; SNG ANS 1038. Diademed head of Hieronymos left, beardless. ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ / ΙΕΡΩNYMOY above and below winged thunderbolt, above and below which T A.
Tauromenion Sicily 275BC Apollo & Tripod Genuine Ancient Greek Coin i24847
Greek city of Tauromenion in Sicily Bronze 23mm (7.26 grams) Struck 275-212 B.C. Reference: Sear 1243; B.M.C. 2.46 Laureate head of Apollo left; behind bee. TAYPOMENITAN, Tripod-lebes.
Thermai Himeraiai in Sicily 3rdCenBC Hercules Tyche Ancient Greek Coin i45559
Greek city of Thermai Himeraiai in Sicily Bronze 20mm (6.41 grams) Struck second century B.C. Reference: HGC 2, 1622 (R3); CNS I, p. 117, no.20 Bearded head of Hercules wearing the lion skin headdress right. ΘEPMI/TAN, Tyche standing left, holding phiale and cornucopia.
TYNDARIS in SICILY 254BC Dioscuri Gemini Twins Female Ancient Greek Coin i43660
Greek city of Tyndaris in Sicily Bronze 22mm (8.38 grams) Struck circa 254-214 B.C. Reference: HGC 2, 1634 (R1); CNS I, pp. 80-81, nos. 12-12/3 ΤΥΝΔΑΡΙΤΑΝ, Female head left. ΣΩΤΗΡΕΣ, Dioscuri charging left on horseback. 

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