Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TOUR of ANCIENT ROME with PROFESSOR Exploring Colosseum Forum and More

Video Tour of Ancient Rome with Professor Exploring Colosseum Forum & More


Took tour with professional tour guide and published professor who lives in Rome and knows it inside out. This intimate experience shows Rome as it really is meant to be experienced with detours into "hidden gems". He explained how the city went from the one of ancient times and how it was built up over time. The tour starts at the Colosseum and takes you through a detour to a preserved Roman buildings turned into a church. After which point there is a visit to the Roman forum, along which includes the famous Senate house where Julius Caesar got assassinated on the Ides of March 44 B.C. and the final resting place of his ashes in the forum. There was a visit the home of the vestal Virgins. Then of course we go to higher ground and see the palace that the Caesars lived in at Rome. Overall a breathtaking experience into the ancient past as cannot be experienced through just reading. It was a pleasure visiting these sites because I have been fascinated with ancient coins all of these years, and now I was able to have an even stronger understanding and appreciation of the subject.

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